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  • Adobe Flash's security woes: How to protect yourself

    Adobe's Flash Player software is on 99 percent of Internet-connected desktops, offering up multimedia and video capabilities on a multitude of popular Web sites such as YouTube. But the Adobe Flash platform has been beset by a rash of security problems that give intruders potential access to computers running the software.

    Written by Paul Krill14 Dec. 09 22:05
  • Flash reality sinks in at Diskcon

    Solid-state storage earned a hot technology's badge of honor -- a backlash -- on Wednesday at the Diskcon conference in Santa Clara, California.

    Written by Stephen Lawson25 Sept. 09 07:49
  • Apple fixes Flash snafu in Snow Leopard, patches 33 bugs in Leopard

    Less than two weeks after Apple launched Snow Leopard, the company today issued the new operating system's first security update. In a separate upgrade, Apple patched 33 vulnerabilities in 2007's Leopard, and about half as many in the even older Tiger.

    Written by Gregg Keizer11 Sept. 09 13:18
  • Study: Adobe Flash cookies pose vexing privacy questions

    Adobe's Flash program is being used on heavily trafficked Web sites to collect information on how people navigate those sites even if people believe they've restricted the data collection, according to a new study.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk12 Aug. 09 05:10
  • Adobe issues update for Shockwave Player

    Adobe Systems has released a patch for its Shockwave Player to fix a critical vulnerability, the company wrote on its security blog on Tuesday.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk25 June 09 06:16