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  • Murdoch University to open networking and games facility

    Murdoch University Information Technology (IT) has hatched a $2.6 million networking and gaming facility that puts the university at the “forefront of IT”, according to vice chancellor Eeva Leinonen.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien07 March 18 13:49
  • Factory reset in Android phones leaves sensitive user data behind

    It's common sense to reset an Android phone to its factory state before selling or disposing of it. But beware, researchers recently found that this often fails to properly wipe all sensitive user data from the device.

    Written by Lucian Constantin22 May 15 21:03
  • Tool aims to help enterprise IT manage 'honeypot' hacker decoys

    A new tool called the Modern Honey Network (MHN) aims to make deploying and managing large numbers of honeypots easier so that enterprises can adopt such systems as part of their active defense strategies.

    Written by Lucian Constantin21 June 14 02:53
Features about Forensics
  • Think Deleted Text Messages Are Gone Forever? Think Again

    A former federal prosecutor and cybercrime expert tells CIO.com how IT departments can retrieve text messages that the user thought were deleted months or even years ago. As more litigation and investigations turn on the content of texts, every CIO needs to know how to find the smoking gun.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige11 March 14 20:20