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  • AI shapes a new generation female IT leaders

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is bringing a fresh approach to the old ways of thinking in the tech sector which will help shape female leaders, says Karolyn Gainfort, an advisory committee member for Woman in AI.

    Written by Lilia Guan17 April 19 14:00
  • 7 shifts that will impact sectors in the next 20 years

    Dr Stefan Hajkowicz, futures researcher for Australian national science agency CSIRO, highlights trends that will reshape the landscape for government, business and society in the next two decades.

    Written by Divina Paredes27 Oct. 15 09:49
  • 100 things to watch in 2011

    Wondering what 2011 has in store? Here's 100 trends to look out for. JWT's Director of Trendspotting, covers an amazing array of topics from space travel, heirloom apples, P-P car sharing and bamboo to Tintin the Movie and the price of cotton.

    Written by CFO World Staff06 Jan. 11 16:04