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  • Telstra talks customer phone privacy

    Telstra has moved to re-assure customers that their phone conversations are kept private and would be only accessed if a police warrant was in place for a particular customer.

    Written by Hamish Barwick27 Aug. 14 15:33
  • How to present security issues to a board

    By 2014, 80 per cent of IT security executives will be required to report risk issues to their board of directors but many presentations need improvement, according to a Gartner security analyst.

    Written by Hamish Barwick19 Aug. 13 11:34
  • Gartner: Cloud computing, mobile ushering in "major shift" for enterprise security practices

    Gartner has said what it expects to be the top security trends for 2013, citing the rise of cloud computing, social media and employees bringing their own devices to work as among the forces likely to produce radical changes in how enterprises manage IT security. The market research firm also says the "major shift" expected in IT security in 2013 will shake up established IT security vendors as newer players in cloud and mobile challenge them.

    Written by Ellen Messmer03 Jan. 13 19:13
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  • Gartner reveals Top 10 IT security myths

    When it comes to information security, there are a lot of "misperceptions" and "exaggerations" about both the threats facing businesses and the technologies that might be used to protect their important data assets, according to Gartner analyst, Jay Heiser.

    Written by Ellen Messmer11 June 13 22:03