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  • General Electric CIO, Cisco VP among Top Women in Cloud

    10 female leaders from the IT customer and vendor sides (including General Electric and Cisco) will be honored for their contributions to Cloud and convergence technology by the Cloud Network of Women (CloudNOW) later this month.

    Written by Bob Brown08 Sept. 15 17:40
  • GE launches cloud for the industrial Internet

    General Electric is pitching a cloud service for the Internet of Things market, but its focus is primarily on heavy industries like aviation, healthcare, energy and transportation.

    Written by John Ribeiro05 Aug. 15 16:23
Features about general electric
  • GE Cloud could make sense of massive IoT data storm

    While the Internet of Things can give a company a massive influx of information, it then faces the problem of wrapping its corporate arms around all that data to make meaningful use of it.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin06 Aug. 15 06:29
  • Why your business needs a Pinterest presence

    Sure, you know your company needs to be on Facebook and Twitter. Maybe you want to be on Instagram to share photos and LinkedIn to find employees. But what about Pinterest?

    Written by Jen A. Miller07 May 15 23:41
  • 13 tips to achieve Cloud success

    We interviewed 17 CIOs and IT leaders about their public and private cloud deployments, usage trends, skills requirements, lingering obstacles and future plans. Here are some nuggets of advice from these cloud giants.

    Written by Ann Bednarz14 Oct. 14 23:30
  • The Internet of Things at home: Why we should pay attention

    The Internet of Things is producing a lot of interesting consumer products that have the potential to lead to important enterprise tools. Here is a basic overview of the concept, together with examples of available products and what they offer.

    Written by Robert L. Mitchell30 June 14 20:37
  • 3D printing is IT's next big challenge

    If your organsation is looking into 3D printing, IT can't afford to sit on the sidelines until it starts to look real.

    Written by Bart Perkins13 Jan. 14 11:36