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  • Maddocks hires machine to do its due diligence

    Law firm Maddocks will start using artificial intelligence to streamline its due diligence process thanks to a new deal with Luminance AI.

    Written by Byron Connolly24 May 18 15:41
  • Cloud debate now about speed and sophistication

    Moving to an as-a-service computing model is inevitable and the discussion across enterprises is no longer just about risk but rather the speed by which services can be delivered to achieve competitive advantage, argues Bernadette Jew.

    Written by Bernadette Jew11 Dec. 13 12:11
  • IT contracts: Why the back end is important

    I attended a presentation the other day where the speaker was exploring the very topical issue of the likely fortunes for the Australian economy following the collapse of the mining boom.

    Written by Tim Gole10 July 13 14:34