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News about Global Information Security Survey
  • Feeling overclouded? You're not alone

    "I think I'm becoming overclouded! Is that a word?" asked a CIO friend of mine a few weeks ago. (It may not be yet, I was thinking, but it will be soon.)

    Written by Maryfran Johnson30 Sept. 10 07:36
  • Why CIOs are resetting information security priorities

    The threats and challenges you face haven't changed much in the past year, but you're finding a better recipe for protecting your corporate data and networks, according to our eighth annual Global Information Security Survey.

    Written by Bill Brenner30 Sept. 10 07:04
Features about Global Information Security Survey
  • Why Security Matters Now

    Social networking and cloud computing threats abound, our annual Global Information Security Survey finds, making information security important once again to business leaders.

    Written by Bill Brenner16 Oct. 09 05:06