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  • White House launches strategy to lead world in quantum

    The White House yesterday launched a national strategy for Quantum Information Science (QIS) in a bid to secure global leadership in “the next technological revolution”.

    Written by George Nott25 Sept. 18 10:49
  • 13 best companies for female IT pros

    One key to recruiting and retaining more women in technology is representation: Organizations with women in visible leadership positions tend to attract other women. To recognize firms that both measure and actively work to change underrepresentation of women, the Anita Borg Institute (ABI), a nonprofit organization whose mission is to advance women in computing, released this month its annual list of top companies for women technologists leadership index.

    Written by Sharon Florentine20 May 15 07:04
  • SDN start-up stitches together Clouds

    A software-defined networking start-up has emerged from stealth mode proposing accelerated deployment of applications and services spanning private, public or hybrid clouds.

    Written by Jim Duffy23 April 15 05:59
  • Goldman Sachs seeks deletion of mistakenly sent confidential email

    Google has blocked access to a sensitive email that was sent by mistake to the Gmail account of an unknown person, according to Goldman Sachs, on whose behalf the email was sent. Now it wants Google to delete the email.

    Written by John Ribeiro04 July 14 00:11
  • 11 tips to prepare for SDN

    Making the leap to SDN? Don't jump in blind. It helps to know what software-defined networking is, first off, and then what it can do for you.

    Written by Jim Duffy13 March 14 17:46
  • At Goldman Sachs SDN is déjà vu all over again

    Goldman Sachs has been doing SDNs for a long time. It just wasn't called SDNs when the investment giant invested in network programmability. It was just a bunch of APIs, software development kits and other code used to cobble together a large number of various specialized networks – trading, investment banking and the like -- across the globe.

    Written by Jim Duffy06 March 14 14:23
  • Twitter suffering from growing pains

    Twitter faces growing pressure to attract new users and dramatically increase engagement on the platform. Can it ever rival the numbers and growth of Facebook?

    Written by Matt Kapko19 Feb. 14 10:30
  • Marissa Mayer 'very excited' about contextual search

    If you think Yahoo has given up on search, think again. The company may have handed its back-end search operations to Microsoft, but Marissa Mayer thinks there's work to be done on mobile devices, particularly around contextual search.

    Written by Zach Miners12 Feb. 14 01:19