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  • The rise of the digital board director

    Providing business technology governance to boards is tipped to be one of the most sought after skills in the digital economy. IT leaders talk about their experiences serving on company boards.

    Written by Divina Paredes and Byron Connolly25 Sept. 14 10:13
  • Are you too old to land a new IT job?

    Age really is just a number. If you're keeping current on new technologies and advancement, and show a willingness to keep learning and growing, there's no reason it should be an impediment to your job search.

    Written by Sharon Florentine28 Feb. 14 11:10
  • Cloud security: how to protect your data

    To use Cloud computing securely requires companies to know where their data is stored and who has access to
    it. Ironically, the reason Cloud is so popular is because organisations don't want to worry about these details.

    So can the issue be solved by adhering to standards? Increasing legislation? Maybe we need a global technical
    disaster to ‘sober up’ an industry drunk on the power of Moore's Law.

    Written by CSO staff14 June 11 21:17
  • Sydney Water IT security manager talks governance strategy

    Information security governance should not be treated like corporate governance, IT security steering committees must have the right stakeholders and the board can remain largely unaware of security issues. Those are key strategies for effective security governance, says IT security and assurance manager at Sydney Water, Stephen Frede.

    Written by Rodney Gedda03 Sept. 10 09:41
  • Open-source software's hidden snags

    When CIO Daniel Chan was first prompted to use open-source software, cost savings weren't top of mind.

    Written by Mary Brandel11 May 10 03:54
  • Project Governance Part 4: Project Governance as the Approving body

    Ultimately accountability for the returns on investment lie with the Project Sponsor and governance team. So they should be actively reviewing and approving several aspects of the project. This should not be a 'tick and flick' type of approval, but a due, considered review with consideration as to the pros and cons and downstream implications.

    Written by Jed Simms08 Dec. 09 08:43
  • Project Governance Part 1: Non-understood Project Governance

    If you are having difficulty with your Governance teams, it is not surprising. Project Governance is not so much "misunderstood" as "not understood". People just don’t know what it is and, therefore, what senior management needs to know or do to be effective.

    Written by Jed Simms17 Nov. 09 09:58
  • An IT Governance Process That's Weighted for Growth

    Count Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) among those companies that believe IT governance done right frees up time and money. When education publishers Houghton Mifflin and Harcourt merged in 2007, IT leaders on each side knew the stakes.

    Written by Kim S. Nash12 Nov. 09 04:30
  • Steps for achieving proper mobile security governance

    Advanced mobile devices--iPhone, BlackBerry and other handhelds--have created a growing wireless mobility environment for business, personal communication and entertainment. However, their growing use has also led to a faster increase in the depth and breadth of mobile security threats. Using a mobile device to access corporate information systems can potentially create a hole to corporate security if not protected and used properly. In a recent report from CSI, the theft or loss of corporate proprietary and customer information by mobile devices is nearly half of all sources. <a href="">Data breaches</a> are real to nearly every organization of virtually any size, from the big multinational corporation to the small to medium business, including device loss, theft, misuse, and unauthorized access to corporate network and data disclosure.

    Written by Robert Zhang28 May 09 07:06