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  • How to become a master CIO in the public sector

    Government CIOs face a litany of unique challenges — transient and inconsistent leadership, financial austerity, shifting citizen expectations, chronic IT underinvestment, scarce digital leadership, to name a few.

    Written by Rick Holgate23 April 18 11:38
  • ​Budgeting biggest barrier to digitising government

    The budgeting process is the biggest barrier to digital transformation in government and many agencies fear that if they use shared services or move to integrated environments, they’ll lose control.

    Written by Byron Connolly02 Nov. 15 10:37
  • Robocops to cut crime: Glenn Archer

    Glenn Archer, research VP at Gartner, believes services provided by governments will be very different in the future due to the use of Internet of Things devices and machine learning technologies.

    Written by Divina Paredes27 Oct. 15 10:13
  • WA confirms first whole of government CIO

    ​Western Australia has appointed Giles Nunis as its first ever government CIO in a push to develop the state government's ICT strategy and cut costs.

    Written by Bonnie Gardiner30 Sept. 15 16:54
  • Government CIOs see expected cloud cost savings evaporate

    After comparing notes with my Gartner colleagues on recent discussions with clients, it’s becoming clear that government is rarely realising significant savings from cloud services.

    Written by Glenn Archer17 April 15 09:31
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  • Federal CIOs Squeezed by Budgets, Executive Buy-in

    Technology chiefs in the federal government say they struggle with their role within their departments and agencies. A bill passed in the House and pending in the Senate could give federal CIOs more authority, though.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin22 April 14 04:44