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  • Link between NSA and Regin cyberespionage malware becomes clearer

    Keylogging malware that may have been used by the NSA shares signficant portions of code with a component of Regin, a sophisticated platform that has been used to spy on businesses, government institutions and private individuals for years.

    Written by Lucian Constantin27 Jan. 15 22:44
  • GCHQ reportedly infiltrated and attacked hacktivist groups

    British intelligence agency Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) has reportedly infiltrated hacktivist groups and used denial-of-service and other techniques to disrupt their online activities.

    Written by Lucian Constantin05 Feb. 14 16:12
  • Prominent cryptographer victim of malware attack related to Belgacom breach

    Belgian cryptographer Jean-Jacques Quisquater had his personal computer infected with malware as the result of a targeted attack that's believed to be related to a security breach discovered last year at Belgian telecommunications group Belgacom. According to him, other cryptographers have also been targeted by the same attackers.

    Written by Lucian Constantin03 Feb. 14 16:38