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  • 5 burning questions about AMD's Zen chip

    AMD's Zen chip is just around the corner; it'll first come to gaming systems any day now. There's a lot of excitement about Zen, which AMD believes is its most important chip this decade.

    Written by Agam Shah24 Nov. 16 22:00
  • Nvidia's new Pascal GPUs can give smart answers

    Nvidia's new GPUs called the Tesla P40 and P4 are built for those kind of deep-learning systems that aid in correlation and classification of data. The P4 -- which is based on the Pascal architecture -- is designed for use in servers or computers that will drive autonomous cars.

    Written by Agam Shah13 Sept. 16 13:00
  • Nvidia's new Pascal GPU to supercharge deep learning

    Some of the world's fastest computers employ Nvidia's graphics processor for computer vision and complex calculations, and a new GPU will supercharge these applications.

    Written by Agam Shah20 June 16 16:01