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  • Former Hacking Team developer reportedly in contact with a terrorist group

    An individual who did work for Hacking Team was in contact with hackers working for a terrorist organization, and disgruntled employees -- who deny the charge -- were planning to sell an antidote to the spyware vendor's surveillance software, an Italian newspaper reported Friday.

    Written by Philip Willan01 Aug. 15 04:20
  • Google: Users still aren't getting message about online security

    Google researchers say that experts and non-experts go about protecting their digital privacy in very different ways, according to survey results they plan to present at the upcoming <a href="https://cups.cs.cmu.edu/soups/2015/">Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security</a>.

    Written by Jon Gold24 July 15 02:18
  • Former Hacking Team supplier stops selling zero-day exploits on ethical grounds

    Italian surveillance software maker Hacking Team recently claimed that it hasn't lost any customers after the massive leak of its internal data two weeks ago. But it has lost at least one business partner: U.S.-based penetration testing specialist and zero-day exploit broker Netragard.

    Written by Lucian Constantin22 July 15 02:13
  • Microsoft patches Windows zero-day found in Hacking Team's leaked docs

    Microsoft today issued one of its sporadic emergency, or "out-of-band," security updates to patch a vulnerability in Windows -- including the yet-to-be-released Windows 10 -- that was uncovered by researchers sifting through the massive cache of emails leaked after a breach of Italian surveillance vendor Hacking Team.

    Written by Gregg Keizer21 July 15 05:41
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