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  • Being a Successful Healthcare CIO Requires Vision

    Today's healthcare IT leaders have a lot on their plates. The rush to digitize is hitting them hard -- but one CIO says it's shortsighted to simply focus on technology itself, not on the fundamental industry changes that tech will bring.

    Written by Brian Eastwood18 March 14 14:03
  • Healthcare CIOs Must Make Better, More Enlightened IT Decisions

    For IT to stop being a 'cost center' in hospitals and other healthcare organizations, CIOs need to dictate their own IT strategy. Demonstrating the value of information technology to reluctant end users and making better decisions will help IT leaders achieve that goal.

    Written by Brian Eastwood24 Feb. 14 17:06
  • How Healthcare CIOs Can Sell IT to Hospital Boards

    Miami Children's Hospital has invested heavily in technology -- from patient-facing mobile apps to a telehealth center with a global reach. CIO Edward Martinez says getting the hospital board to see the benefits of such technology means putting IT strategy in the context of business strategy.

    Written by Brian Eastwood21 Oct. 13 14:17
Tutorials about healthcare CIO
  • Making the Clinical Data Warehouse Relevant Again

    The clinical data warehouse used to represent what was wrong with healthcare IT: An incomplete data source that was siloed to boot. But Texas Children's Hospital has turned its data warehouse into a valuable tool for clinical and operational analytics.

    Written by Brian Eastwood03 June 14 22:48