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  • Will Healthcare Ever Take IT Security Seriously?

    A recent threat intelligence study reports widespread security vulnerabilities in healthcare organizations, many of which went unnoticed for months. In December, a developer pulled unencrypted data from a 'certified' mobile health app in less than a minute. Why is it so hard for healthcare to get security right?

    Written by Brian Eastwood26 Feb. 14 19:20
  • The first 3D printed organ -- a liver -- is expected in 2014

    Bio-printing companies and academics are finally having success keeping 3D printed human tissue alive long enough to use it for drug development and testing. It could be used for human implants someday.

    Written by Lucas Mearian26 Dec. 13 12:08
  • Fixing Healthcare Requires Netflix-Like Disruption

    Healthcare is broken. No one disputes that. No one lacks perspective on how to fix it, either. The challenge, though, is disrupting a system that makes more money treating sickness than it does preventing it. Technology and innovation can play a part, but so can flipping the entire care model on its head.

    Written by Brian Eastwood09 Dec. 13 14:28
  • Improving Patient Engagement Equal Parts Technology, Empathy

    Improving efficiency and cutting costs in healthcare means better collaborating with patients. Web portals and mobile applications can help, but only if they connect with the myriad systems that doctors actually use. Organizations can't forget that a little empathy goes a long way, too.

    Written by Brian Eastwood15 Oct. 13 13:52
  • Can BYOD and Smartphones Move Clinical Trials Forward?

    The majority of today's clinical trials use paper surveys or single-purpose handheld devices to gather patient data. Web forms improve this process, but the smartphone could be a leap forward for the 'BYOD clinical trial'--if a notably risk-averse industry is willing to embrace the change.

    Written by Brian Eastwood10 July 13 13:23
  • 12 Ways to Improve the Healthcare User Experience

    Technology is a great way to engage patients in managing their health, but poor design--whether it's a bad interface or an app that doesn't meet patients' needs--often stands in the way. These 12 tips will help designers and developers improve the user experience for patients who want to improve their health.

    Written by Brian Eastwood08 April 13 13:25
  • Physicians may be marginalized as mobile tech engages us in healthcare

    Dr. Eric Topol, a cardiologist and professor of genomics took aim at the medical community, calling for the end to paternal medicine and annual checks and the beginning a consumer-centered healthcare, where patients own their own data, including their genomes for drug treatment.

    Written by Lucas Mearian06 March 13 11:12
  • The Grill: Healthcare CIO Catherine Bruno

    Catherine Bruno, vice president and CIO of Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems, is also executive sponsor of the Bangor Beacon Community grant program, which brings together a dozen local healthcare organizations focused on improving healthcare while reducing costs through the use of IT.

    Written by Mary K. Pratt19 Nov. 12 11:20