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  • IT malpractice: Doc operates on server, costs hospitals $4.8M

    An inadvertent data leak that stemmed from a physician's attempt to reconfigure a server cost New York Presbyterian Hospital and Columbia University Medical Center $4.8 million to settle with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

    Written by Jaikumar Vijayan09 May 14 06:09
  • Nanotech Trojan horses target and kill brain cancer

    Scientists at Johns Hopkins University are using nanoparticles as Trojan horses that deliver "death genes" to kill brain cancer cells that surgeons can't get to.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin06 May 14 03:23
  • With Google Glass, the doctor can see you now

    Emergency room physicians at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center are four months into a pilot program where they are using Google's computerized eyeglasses to help treat patients.

    Written by Computerworld Staff17 April 14 20:38
  • Healthcare CIOs Must Make Better, More Enlightened IT Decisions

    For IT to stop being a 'cost center' in hospitals and other healthcare organizations, CIOs need to dictate their own IT strategy. Demonstrating the value of information technology to reluctant end users and making better decisions will help IT leaders achieve that goal.

    Written by Brian Eastwood24 Feb. 14 17:06
  • Medical lab says FTC breach probe forced it to close

    An Atlanta-based medical laboratory that has been embroiled in a bitter feud with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission over a data breach investigation shut down its operations this week.

    Written by Jaikumar Vijayan31 Jan. 14 11:43
  • Feds to dump CGI from Healthcare.gov project

    The Obama Administration is set to fire CGI Federal as prime IT contractor of the problem-plagued Healthcare.gov website, a report says.

    Written by Jaikumar Vijayan10 Jan. 14 21:01
  • 3D printing community rallies to create $5 hand for kid

    A congenital birth defect left Leon McCarthy without fingers on his left hand. A very expensive custom-designed prosthetic was out of the question, but 3D printing has allowed them to print using about $5 in materials.

    Written by Lucas Mearian22 Nov. 13 16:28
  • Smart glasses let nurses see veins through skin

    Epson and Evena today unveiled their Eyes-On Glasses System, which enables nurses to see a patient's vasculature system to help locate hard-to-find veins beneath the skin.

    Written by Lucas Mearian20 Nov. 13 17:03
  • Healthcare Finally Warming to Cloud Technology

    Ever the risk-averse industry, healthcare is finally beginning to trust cloud for the storage of protected health information. Experts credit better cloud security, dropping costs and the growing need for disparate organizations to share information. What's more, this only appears to be the tip of the healthcare cloud iceberg.

    Written by Brian Eastwood18 Nov. 13 19:10
  • What's Hindering Healthcare IT Innovation (And How That Can Change)

    No one disputes the healthcare industry's need to apply technology to the patient care process -- or difficulty of doing it. In that vein, the recent Center for Connected Health Symposium examined innovations that could change care delivery as well as the drivers that will help the industry get there.

    Written by Brian Eastwood11 Nov. 13 16:18
  • 'War Room' notes describe IT chaos at Healthcare.gov

    On the morning of Oct. 1 in Washington, temperatures in the low 80s were expected, the Republican-engineered federal shutdown was in its first day, and a Healthcare.gov "War Room" team gathered for a meeting. They kept notes.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau07 Nov. 13 11:38