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  • Docker buys SDN start-up for container networking

    Linux container company Docker this week said it would acquire SDN start-up SocketPlane, a developer of a native networking stack for Docker software.

    Written by Jim Duffy06 March 15 05:41
  • HP latest to unbundle switch hardware, software

    HP has joined the disaggregation party through two partnerships that will produce a branded white box switch capable of running multiple network operating systems.

    Written by Jim Duffy20 Feb. 15 03:30
  • Pwn2Own hacking contest shrinks exploit prize pool

    Hewlett-Packard's Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) today outlined the rules for its annual hacking contest, Pwn2Own, which will run March 18-19 with $465,000 in prize money on the table.

    Written by Gregg Keizer13 Feb. 15 08:16
  • PHP vs. Node.js: An epic battle for developer mind share

    It's a classic Hollywood plot: the battle between two old friends who went separate ways. Often the friction begins when one pal sparks an interest in what had always been the other pal's unspoken domain. In the programming language version of this movie, it's the introduction of Node.js that turns the buddy flick into a grudge match: PHP and JavaScript, two partners who once ruled the Internet together but now duke it out for the mind share of developers.

    Written by Peter Wayner13 Jan. 15 07:43
  • In Pictures: Best of CES 2015

    The best and most noteworthy products and technologies found at CES 2015.

    Written by Colin Neagle12 Jan. 15 10:43
  • Walmart slashes iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus prices

    The new Apple iPhone 6 Plus phablet was nowhere to be found among all the blockbuster Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals last month, but <a href="http://www.walmart.com/cp/iPhone-6/1228448?wmlspartner=TnL5HPStwNw&amp;sourceid=30182817552573327969&amp;oid=183959.1&amp;u1=skim14610X714040X4231bc0f46c307c3f85af48283353e23&amp;affillinktype=10&amp;veh=aff">Walmart</a> has surprised this week by announcing a deep discount on the smartphones through February.

    Written by Bob Brown13 Dec. 14 08:24
  • Cisco seen building momentum in Nexus 9K, ACI

    Cisco is getting a lift from apparent momentum behind its Nexus 9000 switches and Application Centric Infrastructure fabric. Investment firm UBS boosted its Cisco stock price targets after discussions with EMEA chief Chris Dedicoat yielded numbers UBS found encouraging.

    Written by Jim Duffy05 Dec. 14 05:20
  • HP talks cloud delivery options, the importance of OpenStack, how it competes on price

    <em>Bill Hilf, Senior Vice President of Product and Service Management for HP Cloud, brings an interesting perspective to his job given his former role as General Manager of Product Management for Windows Azure, Microsoft's cloud platform. Network World Editor in Chief John Dix and Senior Editor Brandon Butler got Hilf on the line for his big picture view of the importance of OpenStack, why HP recently acquired Eucalyptus, the impetus to compete on price, and the various cloud delivery options customers are pursuing.</em>

    Written by John Dix, Brandon Butler26 Nov. 14 02:58
  • Walmart brings Black Friday early to iPhone, iPad fans

    Walmart, which already has leaked its Black Friday deals on Apple, Dell, HP and other tech products, just couldn't stand the lull between now and the day after Thanksgiving. So it has started promoting a Pre-Black Friday event for this Friday, Nov. 21, starting at 8am, that will also feature plenty of bargains on electronics.

    Written by Bob Brown20 Nov. 14 08:07
  • Coming by 2023, an exascale supercomputer in the U.S.

    NEW ORLEANS -- The U.S. has set 2023 as the target date for producing the next great leap in supercomputing, if its plans aren't thwarted by two presidential and four Congressional elections between now and then.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau20 Nov. 14 03:55