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  • Virtualization, Cloud Complicate Insider Threats for Federal CIOs

    Within the federal government, the shift toward virtualization and cloud computing is already well underway, but agency and industry officials warn that those migrations invite new security considerations, particularly in the form of insider threats.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin26 Sept. 14 02:58
  • HyTrust, Intel team to lock down VMware virtual machines

    HyTrust, in a partnership with Intel, today said its cloud security software used with VMware-based virtual machines can now ensure those VMs will only run in designated trusted locations based on what's called new "boundary controls."

    Written by Ellen Messmer26 Aug. 14 22:49
  • TrueCrypt's abrupt demise 'puzzling, bizarre'

    The abrupt discontinuation of the disk and file encryption freeware TrueCrypt by its secretive software developers has left many security experts stunned, some of whom say there now are no viable alternatives left in non-commercial encryption software.

    Written by Ellen Messmer31 May 14 04:17
  • Heartbleed's silver lining

    When's the last time you thought about using different passwords for different websites? Perhaps after a bug called Heartbleed started crawling around them.

    Written by Zach Miners29 April 14 10:09
  • Cisco, Intel push 'trusted geolocation in the Cloud'

    Cisco and Intel say that companies wanting to make use of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) clouds should be aware that controls exist for keeping virtual workloads on servers within country borders.

    Written by Ellen Messmer30 Sept. 13 20:54
Features about hytrust
  • 10 Hot Cloud Startups to Watch

    After evaluating more than 150 new cloud ventures, here are the top 10 cloud startups. These companies are shaping--or have the potential to shape--how the cloud computing market will evolve.

    Written by Jeff Vance05 March 13 19:24