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  • ​How to build grand ICT designs

    If your ICT house looks like a derelict farmhouse, with lean-tos, rusting barns and outhouses, you’re not alone.

    Written by Carsten Larsen31 Aug. 16 14:52
  • WA confirms first whole of government CIO

    ​Western Australia has appointed Giles Nunis as its first ever government CIO in a push to develop the state government's ICT strategy and cut costs.

    Written by Bonnie Gardiner30 Sept. 15 16:54
  • NSW to see Australia's first government data analytics centre

    The New South Wales Government has announced plans to establish Australia’s first whole-of-government data analytics centre to limit bureaucracy and improve regulation and innovation efforts.

    Written by Bonnie Gardiner04 Aug. 15 15:48
  • NSW govt dives deeper into data, digital

    The New South Wales government has revealed plans to digitise public records and make it easier for agencies to share data.

    Written by Adam Bender22 Oct. 14 15:02
  • Vic govt updates ICT strategy

    The Victorian government is preparing to move to the next stage of its ICT strategy.

    Written by Adam Bender20 Jan. 14 16:27
  • Vic gov launches tech innovation fund

    The Victorian government has launched a $12 million fund to spur technology trials and pilot projects that can improve government service delivery.

    Written by Adam Bender04 Dec. 13 16:56
  • Vic government’s ICT strategy claims 15 per cent in savings

    The Victorian Coalition government has unveiled its whole of government ICT strategy, which it claims will result in a 15 per cent cost reduction in the state’s annual $1.5 billion technology spend by the end of 2014.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett13 Feb. 13 10:53
  • Vic Government's ICT strategy to save state $400m

    The Victorian Government is looking to shave hundreds of millions off its technology expenditure with an ambitious overhaul of its technology resources and services strategy across all agencies.

    Written by CFO World Staff13 Feb. 13 09:38