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  • Microsoft aims to stop drive-by downloads on Patch Tuesday

    Microsoft and third-party security experts warned that users could be subjected to drive-by downloads because of flaws in Windows and Internet Explorer that received fixes on Patch Tuesday this week.

    Written by Jon Brodkin09 June 10 05:46
  • Google's Chrome 'in retreat,' says Microsoft

    Internet Explorer (IE) gained browser usage share last month in the U.S., while major rivals Firefox and Chrome both lost ground, Microsoft said today, citing data from Web analytics firm Net Applications.

    Written by Gregg Keizer02 June 10 05:11
  • Corporate IT just won't let IE6 die

    Security experts, industry analysts and even Microsoft recommend that IT departments upgrade Internet Explorer 6, yet new research shows that while there may have recently been a mock funeral for the aging browser, IE6 is still around and doing well, especially during standard business hours.

    Written by Denise Dubie27 April 10 07:45
  • Google joins the 'kill-IE6' campaign

    Google has announced that Google Docs will drop support for Microsoft's nearly nine-year-old Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) browser starting on March 1.

    Written by Gregg Keizer01 Feb. 10 00:46
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