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  • 10M pieces of wireless charging furniture to sell by 2017

    Ikea's recently announced wireless charging line of furniture is expected to jumpstart a trend that will amount to 10 million sticks of high-tech furniture sold in just two years, according to a new report.

    Written by Lucas Mearian24 April 15 05:13
  • NAB conference makes way for more 4K content

    This year the number of 4K TVs sold around the world will almost triple. Those sales, along with more mature equipment for producing and distributing content, are fueling overall interest in the technology.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs15 April 15 23:49
  • Over-the-air software coming soon to your next car

    Using a capability that is unique in the auto industry, Elon Musk last week tweeted that over-the-air (OTA) software upgrades would soon come to its P85D Model S sedans as the cars sat in garages and driveways around the world.

    Written by Lucas Mearian07 Feb. 15 01:15
  • Carmakers put Apple's CarPlay in the slow lane

    Some car manufacturers are delaying their rollout of CarPlay, the software platform from Apple that synchronizes an iPhone to a vehicle's infotainment system.

    Written by Lucas Mearian22 Aug. 14 20:42
  • Amazon Fire teardown pegs parts cost just below 32GB iPhone 5S

    Parts for the 32GB Amazon Fire smartphone cost $205, just shy of the cost of parts of a similarly configured Apple iPhone 5S and well below the Samsung Galaxy S5, both with the same 32GB storage tally.

    Written by Matt Hamblen30 July 14 01:04
  • Google Glass worth more than the sum of its parts

    The $US1500 price of Google Glass is about 10 times more than the cost to build the wearable computer, but analysts say the device is more than the sum of its parts.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin14 May 14 05:55
  • AT&T may buy DirecTV for $50B

    AT&T is in advanced talks to acquire DirecTV for about $50 billion, according to published reports.

    Written by Lucas Mearian14 May 14 03:36
  • Industry cuts the cord on electric car charging

    Automakers and municipal governments are testing new technologies that would make it possible to offer wireless charging stations embedded in the pavement or even in manhole covers -- thus removing the power cords from electric vehicles.

    Written by Lucas Mearian21 Oct. 13 10:03