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  • CCA to move core systems to cloud, enhance BI

    Running core systems on-premise was not a feasible long-term plan for Coca-Cola Amatil, an organisation that manages huge warehouses and hundreds of thousands of transactions every day.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett15 May 14 14:45
  • Where are big data and BI heading in 2013?

    Analysts predict a strong uptake of in-memory technologies and cloud BI, new use cases for big data applications and more business collaboration next year.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett27 Nov. 12 11:12
  • Nine data warehousing trends for the CIO

    Gartner has issued the following missive to CIOs: Familiarise yourself with key data warehousing trends and how they will impact the technology deployed to deliver business analytics during 2011 and 2012.

    Written by Georgina Swan09 Feb. 11 17:13
  • CLP Group powers up with in-memory computing

    The utilities sector has been quick to adopt the real-time vision, particularly those organisations that have made an early move to smart grid deployments. Australian-born CIO, Joe Locandro, says the organisation has long used real-time monitoring — or what it calls condition-based monitoring — for its power plants and infrastructure. Thousands of sensors measure variables such as vibration, heat and voltage consistency, and feed them into OSIsoft’s PI System enterprise infrastructure management software.

    Written by Brad Howarth20 Jan. 11 10:20
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  • In-memory computing

    The massive explosion in data volumes collected by many organisations has brought with it an accompanying headache in terms of putting it to gainful use. Businesses increasingly need to make quick decisions, and pressure is mounting on IT departments to provide solutions that deliver quality data much faster than has been possible before. The days of trapping information in a data warehouse for retrospective analysis are fading in favour of event-driven systems that can provide data and enable decisions in real time.

    Written by Brad Howarth20 Jan. 11 09:33