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  • The rise of driverless cars underpinned by data

    Trends such as machine learning, big data and analytics are powering visionary development programs at traditional and non-traditional players in the car industry.

    Written by Alister Lee07 Dec. 15 15:32
  • Dodo adapts to market with business intelligence

    Dodo has adjusted marketing and its range of energy and telecom services over the last three years based on insights learned from a business intelligence (BI) platform, according to M2 Telecommunications consumer director, Boris Rozenvasser.

    Written by Adam Bender13 Sept. 13 09:45
  • CIOs struggling to meet information demands of CMOs

    CIOs are struggling the meet the data demands of chief marketing officers (CMOs) who are hungry for fast access to a lot of information, according to Tristan Sternson, managing director at Melbourne-based information management consultancy InfoReady.

    Written by Byron Connolly11 Feb. 13 16:37