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  • Salesforce doubles down on big data with new analytics tool

    All the data "lakes" in the world won't amount to much if you can't figure out what they mean for your business. With that in mind, Salesforce on Thursday unveiled Salesforce Wave for Big Data, a new tool designed to help business users make sense of their information stores using the Salesforce Analytics Cloud.

    Written by Katherine Noyes28 May 15 22:00
  • Informatica goes private in $US5.3bn buyout

    Back in 2010 there was a round of widespread speculation that Oracle was about to snap up Informatica, but -- like so many such rumors -- it never came to pass. Now, Informatica is getting purchased by someone else.

    Written by Katherine Noyes08 April 15 04:31
  • Salesforce Lightning Connect marries old apps to new

    Salesforce has a solid lock on the SMB space, and more forward-looking large organizations have moved to its cloud CRM, marketing and sales solutions, <a href="">apparently to great success</a>. But for every Virgin America or Burberry, there are many, many more older companies out there with siloed-off, older systems; they couldn't get their data into the Salesforce cloud even if they wanted to. 

    Written by Matt Weinberger14 Nov. 14 00:16
  • Business Intelligence Meets Mobility at eHarmony

    Mobility is hardly new in enterprise circles. Businesses are busily building mobile apps for in-house use and for customers, while the task of managing employees' mobile devices absorbs many companies' CIOs.

    Written by John Moore12 Nov. 14 02:03
  • Ex-Microsoft architect's startup focuses on SaaS integration

    A former Microsoft architect has founded a startup called Azuqua aimed at tackling the problem of joining together and automating business processes from multiple SaaS (software-as-a-service) applications.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus25 Feb. 14 16:22
  • Informatica promises speedier report development

    Informatica hopes to save business analysts time by allowing them to build their own queries and reports, without requiring the IT department to do all the assembly work.

    Written by Joab Jackson19 Feb. 14 21:32
  • Informatica rolls out data parser for Hadoop

    Informatica has strengthened its hand in the burgeoning market for Hadoop, the open-source programming framework for large-scale data processing, unveiling a new data parser on Wednesday that can transform piles of unstructured information into a more structured form for use in running Hadoop jobs.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus03 Nov. 11 07:09
  • Progress Software CEO Reidy to step down

    Progress Software CEO Richard Reidy is leaving the company once his successor is found, the middleware vendor said Monday. Reidy is stepping down under mutual agreement with the company's board, according to a statement.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus01 Aug. 11 23:33
  • Informatica, customer in legal fray over license audit

    Data-integration vendor Informatica and a customer are embroiled in a legal dispute over US$6.3 million in license fees that Informatica says it is owed due to noncompliance.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus22 July 11 05:27
  • Informatica adds support for 'big data,' Hadoop

    Informatica is joining the growing ranks of vendors moving to support Hadoop, the open-source framework for large-scale or "big data" processing, the company announced Monday.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus06 June 11 14:06
  • NetSuite, Informatica team up on two-tier ERP

    NetSuite and Informatica announced a partnership on Tuesday that seeks to exploit the concept of "two-tier ERP" (enterprise resource planning) deployments.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus01 March 11 19:09
  • Informatica debuts pay-as-you-go data integration service

    Hoping to pique the interest of the cloud-curious enterprise, data-integration software provider Informatica has unveiled a low-cost, cloud-based data integration service, called Informatica Cloud Express.

    Written by Joab Jackson08 Dec. 10 08:59