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  • React JavaScript library gets new tools

    React, a JavaScript library co-developed by Facebook and Instagram for building user interfaces, is getting "entirely new" developer tools.

    Written by Paul Krill07 Aug. 15 23:57
  • Attack of the one-letter programming languages

    Watch out! The coder in the next cubicle has been bitten and infected with a crazy-eyed obsession with a programming language that is not Java and goes by the mysterious name of F.

    Written by Peter Wayner25 Nov. 14 06:49
  • Bossies 2014: The Best of Open Source Software Awards

    If you hadn't noticed, we're in the midst of an incredible boom in enterprise technology development -- and open source is leading it. You're unlikely to find better proof of that dynamism than this year's Best of Open Source Software Awards, affectionately known as the Bossies.

    Written by Doug Dineley29 Sept. 14 23:25
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