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Intel Developer Forum - News, Features, and Slideshows


  • Intel Developer Forum 2011: In pictures

    14 years since the first Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, this week's three-day event is expected to draw more than 5000 developers from around the world. This year's event is themed "The Sky's Not the Limit. It's the Baseline," and will feature daily keynotes by Intel executives, over 150 technical sessions presented by Intel and industry experts and more than 180 leading companies hosting hands-on demonstrations of their newest innovations and future technologies.

    Written by CIO Staff14 Sept. 11 17:17
  • Intel: Future smartphones will be assistants, companions

    The future of computing is all about devices that are not just smarter than today's, but are also more aware of the habits and day-to-day lives of their users, says Justin Rattner, Intel's Chief Technology Officer.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin16 Sept. 10 03:13
  • Intel’s Sandy Bridge: PC Sales Supercharger?

    Intel's upcoming Sandy Bridge microprocessor design is generating a lot of buzz, primarily because it'll integrate the chipmaker's high-end graphics technology with its CPUs.

    Written by Jeff Bertolucci15 Sept. 10 06:24
  • Intel opens app store, unveils Atom chips

    SAN FRANCISCO -- Intel kicked off the second day of its developers conference by officially launching its app store and rolling out new Atom processors.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin15 Sept. 10 05:30
  • Intel announces 2011 shipping date for Sandy Bridge

    Intel has announced that its new Sandy Bridge processors will begin shipping "in high volume" early next year. The long-awaited processor line, now renamed the Second-Generation Intel Core processor, was finally announced at the 2010 Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco.

    Written by Elizabeth Fish14 Sept. 10 12:34
  • Intel pushes itself beyond the chip

    Intel CEO Paul Otellini kicked off the company's annual IDF conference today by announcing that Intel is on track to ship a 22-nanometer processor in 2011.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin14 Sept. 10 04:31
  • Intel to spotlight future laptop, desktop chips at show

    Laptops and desktops with Intel's next-generation Core chips will ship early next year, and the chip maker will use its conference next week to highlight the architecture behind the new processors.

    Written by Agam Shah10 Sept. 10 04:55
  • Intel to produce new Sandy Bridge chips by year-end

    The latest family of Intel microprocessors, code-named Sandy Bridge, will be in production by the end of this year, while desktops and laptops with the chips will likely be on world markets in early 2011.

    Written by Dan Nystedt13 April 10 16:23
  • Intel puts Google's Android on Atom smartphones

    Intel has ported Google's Android mobile operating system to smartphones based on its Atom microprocessors, an Intel executive said Tuesday.

    Written by Dan Nystedt and Owen Fletcher14 April 10 04:06
  • Intel teams with China's Tencent on MeeGo mobile OS

    Intel will team up with Chinese Internet company Tencent on development using the next generation of the MeeGo mobile operating system, Intel said Tuesday.

    Written by Owen Fletcher14 April 10 06:23
  • New Linux Moblin netbooks to be announced at IDF

    A new Linux netbook based on Moblin will be introduced this week, and it may represent a new way that the Linux community is approaching the mass market.

    Written by Nancy Gohring22 Sept. 09 06:49