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  • Oracle, NetApp agree to settle ZFS patent litigation

    Storage vendor NetApp said Thursday it has reached an agreement with Oracle to dismiss patent litigation stemming from a 2007 suit NetApp filed against Sun Microsystems, which.Oracle acquired earlier this year. Terms were not disclosed.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus10 Sept. 10 04:23
  • Hosted service promises to protect corporate documents on smartphones

    A hosted application for securing shared corporate documents is being extended to handheld devices. With WatchDox, mobile users can view and even selected documents, but be prevented from saving, printing, or forwarding them, if desired.

    Written by John Cox03 Sept. 10 03:35
  • ipernica (ASX:IPR) reveals lapse of 2.1m options

    Technology and IP commercialisation company ipernica (ASX:IPR) has reported that 2.1m employee incentive options, mostly exercisable at $0.15 per share, have expired

    Written by Dylan Bushell-Embling31 Aug. 10 17:27
  • Paul Allen: MS co-founder, tech pioneer - patent troll?

    Co-founder of Microsoft, early supporter of commercial space flight, and major world philanthropist Paul Allen has already left a pretty large footprint on the world. Now it seems he's determined to leave his muddy tracks over some of the biggest names in tech.

    Written by Robert X. Cringely31 Aug. 10 09:51
  • Allen sues Google, Apple, others over patents

    A firm owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has filed a lawsuit against Google, Apple, Facebook, and other companies alleging that they have violated patents related to search, multimedia, screen pop-ups and database management.

    Written by Grant Gross28 Aug. 10 09:06
  • Brocade suit alleges A10 copied Foundry

    Brocade Communications claims in a suit filed earlier this month that the founder of A10 Networks improperly used trade secrets and recruited top employees in order to build application delivery products that competed with those offered by Brocade.

    Written by Stephen Lawson26 Aug. 10 10:15
  • Creation of common EU patent system faces legal setback

    The European Court of Justice looks set to derail plans for a common patent system across the European Union. The court's Advocate General believes that a centralized patent is "incompatible with the treaties" that created the E.U., according to a leaked document.

    Written by Jennifer Baker26 Aug. 10 05:53
  • Gosling: Oracle could still live up to 2007 Java pledge

    There is still a way for Oracle to calm down people concerned about the fate of the Java programming language under the vendor's stewardship, according to James Gosling, known as the "father" of Java.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus26 Aug. 10 02:59
  • Huawei will give India gov't source code

    Huawei Technologies is willing to accept new Indian rules that will require telecommunication equipment suppliers to, among other conditions, give the government access to source code and engineering designs for its equipment, the company said on Thursday.

    Written by John Ribeiro19 Aug. 10 20:32
  • Choice domain names pitched as investments

    Forget real estate, the stock market or Internet startups, the new way to make fast money is to invest in domain names, argues a domain name brokerage that will auction off a passel of domain names on Wednesday in New York.

    Written by Joab Jackson19 Aug. 10 02:52
  • Nvidia licenses Rambus memory patents

    Nvidia has signed an agreement to license Rambus patents on memory controllers following a ruling against Nvidia at the U.S. International Trade Commission, the two companies announced.

    Written by Grant Gross14 Aug. 10 02:08
  • Google calls Oracle lawsuit 'baseless,' vows to fight it

    Google will put up a fight in response to the patent- and copyright-infringement lawsuit that Oracle filed over the use of Java in the Android mobile phone platform.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez and Chris Kanaracus14 Aug. 10 06:20
  • Linux Foundation offers open source compliance checklist

    Organizations that are interested in using open source in their own products but are wary of intellectual property issues might want to examine a new, mostly free, assistance program just launched by the non-profit Linux Foundation.

    Written by Joab Jackson11 Aug. 10 04:52