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  • Wednesday Grok: Google is about to kill Firefox

    When was the last time you even noticed which browser you used, and frankly why would you care? They all will pretty much get you from 01000001 to 01000010 on the Web as quick as you click.

    Written by Andrew Birmingham07 Dec. 11 10:31
  • 13 features that make each Web browser unique

    Many cynical users assume Web browsers do little more than dutifully render HTML. The content is the most important part, they say, so it makes little difference which browser you use.

    Written by Peter Wayner02 May 11 20:08
Features about Internet Explorer (IE)
  • First look: Internet Explorer 9 beta makes waves

    One of the best ways to see what's changed with the ninth and newest version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer is to tune into and watch the words, images, and DIVs bounce around, luring the world into pretty images and information that can't sit still. "Tune in" is the appropriate verb because the experience is closer to consuming television than what the Web was once supposed to be, an endless library filled with serious knowledge that might come from an underground physics bunker in the mountains.

    Written by Peter Wayner17 Sept. 10 02:56