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  • Microsoft releases 14 patches for Windows security problems

    Microsoft released patches for 14 vulnerabilities in its Windows operating system, Office and Internet Explorer software on Tuesday, including four it deemed critical, it's highest severity rating.

    Written by Martyn Williams12 Nov. 14 06:10
  • Browser battle: Chrome vs. Firefox vs. IE vs. Opera

    After a long, quiet period of Microsoft dominance, the PC browser market has been broken wide-open again in recent years, with Firefox and Chrome challenging Internet Explorer, and Opera sniffing at the margins.

    Written by Jon Gold03 Dec. 12 13:14
  • Goodbye 2011 ... What a year!

    Well, as we are just a hop, skip and an eggnog away from putting on silly hats, drinking champagne, and kissing random people as we bid goodbye to the year, it behooves me to look into the digital rearview mirror and ponder what we can see rushing away from us.

    Written by Mark Gibbs19 Dec. 11 17:27
  • Microsoft to start automatic updates of IE without asking the user

    Microsoft next year will change its automated update process for the Internet Explorer (IE) Web browser to push out the latest version of the browser for XP, Vista and Windows 7 without the notification-style install prompt presented to the end user today.

    Written by Ellen Messmer16 Dec. 11 00:30
  • Wednesday Grok: Google is about to kill Firefox

    When was the last time you even noticed which browser you used, and frankly why would you care? They all will pretty much get you from 01000001 to 01000010 on the Web as quick as you click.

    Written by Andrew Birmingham07 Dec. 11 10:31
  • 3 ways to save yourself after a phishing attack

    Figures don't lie, the old aphorism goes, but liars can figure. And after nearly 20 years covering technology, I've realized that you could update that saying to: Benchmarks don't lie, but liars can benchmark.

    Written by Bill Snyder18 Oct. 11 03:16
  • Windows 8 update: The end of Adobe Flash?

    Microsoft appears to be taking a page out of Apple's play book saying it will dump plug-ins such as Adobe Flash from Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8. Well, sort of.

    Written by Ian Paul16 Sept. 11 00:04
  • Chrome inches up, Firefox flat, IE9 climbing fast

    The latest and greatest browser market share stats are out from Net Applications. On the surface, it seems there was very little change from last month among desktop browsers, but digging a little deeper yields some interesting perspective.

    Written by Tony Bradley02 Sept. 11 03:52
  • Chrome nibbles at IE, Microsoft finds silver lining

    It is the first day of the month, and that means new browser market share numbers from Net Applications. Internet Explorer and Firefox continue to slide as Chrome and Safari gain ground -- but Microsoft focuses on its own silver lining.

    Written by Tony Bradley02 Aug. 11 01:49
  • Chrome marches on while IE continues downward spiral

    Net Applications has released the browser market share data for the month of May. It looks like more good news for Chrome, and more bad news for Internet Explorer.

    Written by Tony Bradley02 June 11 03:09
  • Dangers of IE 'cookiejacking': What you need to know

    A security researcher has discovered a means of hijacking sensitive information from cookies in Internet Explorer. The 'cookiejacking' technique could expose credentials from Facebook, Twitter, Gmaiil, or other online services, but Microsoft doesn't consider it a serious threat. So, is the sky falling, is the security researcher crying wolf, or is the real risk somewhere in between.

    Written by Tony Bradley29 May 11 00:03