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  • Cloud computing: Whose crystal ball is correct?

    There has been a spate of interesting - and contradictory - stories and research reports about how enterprises are or will embrace cloud computing, topped off by a report by Forrester analyst James Staten that concludes that for all the talk about private clouds, they're a pipe dream for all but a few enterprises.

    Written by Bernard Golden03 Aug. 10 03:55
  • Four ways IPv6 will save the Internet

    The world is almost out of IP addresses--or at least it's almost out of the IPv4 addresses that IT admins and users are most familiar with. Fortunately, IPv6 has been developed to exponentially expand the pool of available IP addresses while also providing a few other benefits.

    Written by Tony Bradley26 July 10 01:58
  • Apollo Anniversary Shows True Wonder of the Internet

    For just a moment, forget Google Chrome OS, the new Windows 7 and all the online hoopla about the shocking death of Michael Jackson. Those happenings aren't the reasons I love the Internet. Instead, to me, the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing this weekend is Exhibit A in the evidence files that show the real beauty of the Web and its amazing technology that brings the world to each of us on our computers.

    Written by Todd R. Weiss18 July 09 02:31