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  • Google updates News site following complaints

    Nearly two weeks after rolling out a Google News redesign, Google has added a new feature to the page in hopes of placating complainers. The feature lets people opt to view news stories in two columns, unlike the initial redesign that listed all stories in a single long column.

    Written by Nancy Gohring19 July 10 05:50
  • Cloud Computing: Two Kinds of Agility

    A key benefit often discussed about cloud computing is how it enables agility. This benefit is real and powerful. However, the term agility is used to describe two different kinds of benefit; both are real, but one of them will, ultimately, be seen as offering the greatest impact. This post will discuss the two types of agility and provide some examples of how compelling the second type is.

    Written by Bernard Golden17 July 10 01:39
  • Amazon and IBM are the 'cloud champions,' report says

    Amazon and IBM are the "cloud champions" according to a new report, but Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Red Hat and VMware are also among the list of heavyweights in the emerging cloud computing field.

    Written by Jon Brodkin16 July 10 05:47
  • Companies not using social nets at risk, report says

    A majority of consumers want to interact with companies over social networks like Facebook and Twitter, but only 30 per cent of businesses are prepared for it, according to a survey.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin16 July 10 06:52
  • Top Cloud Computing Security Risk: One Company Gets Burned

    Virtualization and cloud computing haven't eroded the online security of most companies, analysts say. But they may be contributing to situations in which IT-service customers leave themselves vulnerable to attack because they assume their cloud provider is taking care of security.

    Written by Kevin Fogarty15 July 10 05:32
  • Windows Live to integrate WP7 phones, PCs, Xbox in the cloud

    Microsoft officials today described how upcoming Windows Phone 7 smartphones will perform within a network of Windows 7 PCs and Xbox gaming consoles through a new Windows Live cloud platform to make the mobile experience easier and more powerful for workers and consumers.

    Written by Matt Hamblen14 July 10 02:14
  • Google increases Apps' mobile IT controls

    Google has increased the controls that Apps administrators have over their end users' iPhone, Nokia and Windows Mobile devices, the company announced on Tuesday.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez14 July 10 03:31
  • Zendesk integrates Twitter into customer service app

    Zendesk has upgraded its Web-based help desk software to simplify and automate how its users capture, analyze and respond to public Twitter messages that merit a customer-service response.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez14 July 10 05:13
  • Jumptap tries to capitalize on AdMob confusion

    Hoping to make the most of a dispute between Google and Apple, Jumptap is offering developers who sign onto its mobile ad network the chance to collect 100 percent of their advertising revenue for a limited time.

    Written by Nancy Gohring14 July 10 08:03
  • Cloud computing will surpass the Internet in importance

    Cloud computing will top the Internet in importance as development of the Web continues, according to a university professor who spoke on Friday at the World Future Society conference in Boston.

    Written by Fred O'Connor13 July 10 17:14
  • Windows Intune Beta 2: What's New?

    As part of its Worldwide Partner Conference keynote today, Microsoft announced that the second public beta for its cloud-based PC management and security platform, Windows Intune, is now available.

    Written by Shane O'Neill13 July 10 07:46