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  • Building a Facebook killer won't be easy for Google

    Hearsay in recent days that Google is working hard on a project to better compete against Facebook has captured the attention of industry observers, who wonder what shape this initiative might take and what is its likelihood of success.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez30 June 10 07:11
  • VMware co-founder tackles virtualization at Cisco

    The five visionary tech executives who created VMware and launched the x86 virtualization market have kept low public profiles in recent years, with four leaving VMware as the company gets remade by owner EMC.

    Written by Jon Brodkin29 June 10 09:24
  • SAP readies 'River' cloud platform for public debut

    SAP is segmenting its emerging cloud-computing strategy across multiple development platforms, including one code-named "River," which will support lightweight extensions to its on-premises ERP (enterprise resource planning) software.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus29 June 10 05:02
  • Google moves encrypted search to a new site

    Google's encrypted search engine, launched in May, has moved to a new Web address that isn't as convenient as its original one but that gives organisations the option to block the site for their users without locking them out of other Google services.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez29 June 10 05:39
  • SharePoint 2010: Four Big-Name Social Networking Rivals

    Microsoft became decidedly more social with SharePoint 2010, adding social networking tools like improved wiki and blog integration, tagging and microblogging into its SharePoint MySites feature.

    Written by Shane O'Neill29 June 10 06:10
  • Rackspace cloud chief predicts enterprise caution

    Most large enterprises won't move their established applications on to cloud services for years but are embracing the technology for new projects, the head of Rackspace's cloud business said on Thursday at the Structure 2010 conference in San Francisco.

    Written by Stephen Lawson25 June 10 05:43
  • The need for real security in a virtual world

    In a recent column, my Security Manager's Journal counterpart, Mathias Thurman, wrote about securing virtual desktop environments. My company is going through the same exercise of evaluating VDI as a replacement for traditional desktops. As Mathias pointed out, the concept of virtualizing the applications that run on the system does not substantially change the threat landscape, nor does it modify the countermeasures we put in place to protect against those threats.

    Written by J.F. Rice25 June 10 08:45
  • Google moves its encrypted search

    If you're paranoid about snoops discovering your Web search terms and results, you'll have to start pointing your browser to another URL to use Google encrypted search.

    Written by Paul Suarez28 June 10 07:15