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  • 15 insanely stupid Apple predictions

    The years have not been kind to Apple's critics. Here are fifteen laughable predictions that show how Apple has been going out of business since 1984.

    Written by Jonny Evans27 Aug. 14 02:40
  • Apple 'orders 10 million iPhone 5 units'

    Apple has ordered 10 million units of the iPhone 5 from Taiwanese manufacturer Pegatron, it has been reported.

    Written by Ben Camm-Jones04 Aug. 11 17:07
  • iPhone 5 'goes into production'

    The iPhone 5 will begin shipping in September and is already in production, according to Taiwanese industry sources.

    Written by Ben Camm-Jones06 July 11 03:17
  • iOS 5.0 beta 2 released

    On Friday, Apple released iOS 5.0 beta 2 to developers, which includes several changes plus iTunes 10.5 beta 2 and Apple TV Software beta 2.

    Written by Ashleigh Allsopp27 June 11 21:07
  • iPad 2 supply constraints ease

    Component supply issues that left Apple unable to produce as many iPad 2 units as it had planned have reportedly eased.

    Written by Ben Camm-Jones21 May 11 00:04
  • Adidas miCoach faces tough fight against Nike+iPod in US

    Athletic shoe maker Adidas launched the latest version of its miCoach training gadgets in the U.S. alongside the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week in the hope of enticing people to use the system to meet their New Year's goals.

    Written by Dan Nystedt11 Jan. 10 07:54
  • Apple blasts by 3 billion app download mark

    Apple Tuesday said that more than 3 billion apps have been downloaded from its App Store by iPhone and iPod touch users.

    Written by Network World staff06 Jan. 10 04:38
  • The best and worst of Apple in '09

    2009 was a blockbuster year financially for Apple but delivered some blows including a serious health problem for the company's beloved leader, Steve Jobs, attack from clone makers, and trouble with Google. We offer the Top 10 biggest stories for Apple in 2009.

    Written by Yoni Heisler17 Dec. 09 08:17
  • App Store success could change software-buying habits

    More than 2 billion applications have been downloaded from Apple Inc.'s App Store, with more than 85,000 apps available to 50 million-plus iPhone and iPod Touch owners worldwide

    Written by Matt Hamblen29 Sept. 09 05:40
  • Apple roars past 2 billion app download mark

    Apple Monday said it has passed 2 billion applications downloaded from its App Store, a number that promises to balloon further as the iPhone likely makes its way onto networks beyond AT&T's in the United States.

    Written by Network World staff29 Sept. 09 01:59