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  • Be mindful of the information you disclose about former staff

    Employment references are par for the recruitment course, but it’s not always simple. You should be careful about the information you disclose about former staff to potential employers, warns senior associate for Harmers Workplace Lawyers, Peter Ferraro.

    Written by Georgina Swan22 June 11 16:10
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  • How to structure a service agreement that best suits your organization's needs

    Thanks to the rise of Cloud Computing, CIOs are increasingly being confronted with service agreements that relate to abstract concepts like software functionality or remote hardware capacity. Here's how to structure a service agreement that best suits your organisation's needs.

    Written by David Downie08 Oct. 09 10:02
  • IT Advocate: The privacy minefield

    There are significant differences between state and federal privacy legislation. CIOs who deal with government agencies or other public sector organisations must determine the privacy laws applicable to them – and how best to accommodate them.

    Written by Emma Weedon15 Sept. 09 08:05
  • Be aware of your Web site terms and conditions

    CIOs must pay close attention to the terms and conditions listed on their Web sites if they want to avoid the risk of costly litigation.

    Written by David Downie10 Aug. 09 10:10
  • IT Advocate: Privacy rules

    Welcome CIO’s new series of columns devoted to legal issues and IT. This month: the increasing need for organisations to comply with privacy laws.

    Written by Emma Weedon09 June 09 11:35