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  • ​Steven Fox leaves Caltex

    Steven Fox has left his position as CIO at Caltex Australia after five and half years in the role.

    Written by Byron Connolly12 Jan. 17 10:47
  • Too many tech fish in the c-suite: Embracing new roles that overlap with IT

    Research shows relatively few CIOs are equipped for the demands of a digital world, leading to the introduction of roles like the CMO, CDO and CINO to better take advantage of digital trends. So how can CIOs continue to embrace the expansion of the c-suite into what has always been their domain?

    Written by Bonnie Gardiner03 Aug. 15 10:35
  • Why you should never market your IT department

    As a CIO, failing to sell your IT department appears absurd and seems to contradict the common understanding that communication or the marketing of IT is the key to success.

    Written by Peter Nevin12 Nov. 12 11:42
  • Cloud CIO: In defense of corporate IT

    Last week's blog post, Cloud CIO: Yes, Your Job is at Risk, was one of the most widely-read-and definitely the most -post I've ever written for CIO.com. Clearly, the discussion of cloud computing's effect on a CIO's career struck a nerve with readers.

    Written by Bernard Golden16 June 11 02:33
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  • Securing the rising mobile generation: Is your business running the risk?

    The rise of the mobile generation has brought about a collaborative presence in the workforce. In the culture of sharing and openness, companies need to ensure enterprise assets do not suffer as a result. Research shows 4 in 10 finance companies have lost critical data through misuse of a mobile device. Find out in this whitepaper how organisations can develop a "mobile aware" culture within the workforce to lower this risk.