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  • Mentorship key for women in IT, says Collaborate panel

    ORLANDO -- Mentors and sponsors can play a key role in helping women advance their careers in information technology, according to members of a panel discussion at the Collaborate 11 Oracle user conference here.

    Written by Jaikumar Vijayan14 April 11 07:23
  • New Google CEO sweeps in with company reorg

    Wasting no time, Larry Page, who became Google's CEO on Monday, quickly moved to shake up the Internet company's top management.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin09 April 11 04:47
  • Cisco CEO calls for dramatic cuts and a narrowing of priorities

    Dramatic expense cuts and a narrowed focus on five networking technologies, including video, are coming to Cisco Systems as part of a massive planned turnaround, Cisco CEO John Chambers told financial analysts Thursday.

    Written by Matt Hamblen08 April 11 04:03
  • Inside the next generation vendor management office

    Today, almost 50 per cent of companies have a centralized vendor management group in place, with 11 per cent planning to introduce one this year. Why are we seeing the growth of this unit within the organization? The main drivers for a business to invest in a VMO are to get more value out of existing suppliers and to lower overall costs through better rate negotiations and demand consolidation. Most often, the VMO is either housed in IT or procurement, depending on the business, and consists of two to ten people who are responsible for overseeing the big picture of vendor management.

    Written by Patrick M. Connaughton29 March 11 03:59
  • Take the guesswork out of business relationships

    We all understand the advantages partnering can bring to business. But, as any CIO who has had to negotiate a partnership-gone-bad knows, adversity is not often a good bedfellow when it comes to keeping partners — and your CEO — happy.

    Written by Georgina Swan25 March 11 15:49
  • CIOs aren't CIOs for long

    A U.S. president, especially if they win re-election, will have a much better chance of staying in the same job longer than many CIOs, new survey data suggests.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau23 March 11 21:12
  • Verizon Wireless rolls out data monitoring widget for mobile users

    Verizon Wireless CIO Ajay Waghray ORLANDO -- IT innovations at Verizon Wireless have been put to work behind recent online customer account management systems and upgrades to Verizon store kiosks, said Ajay Waghray, CIO at Verizon Wireless.

    Written by Matt Hamblen25 March 11 08:04
  • AT&T chairman urges open devices, platforms and networks globally

    BARCELONA -- AT&T Chairman Randall Stephenson today prodded carriers, manufacturers and regulators around the globe to create openness and interoperability in mobile devices, platforms and networks in a keynote address at the Mobile World Congress.

    Written by Matt Hamblen16 Feb. 11 01:24
  • Transforming IT to show cost of services: Five best practices

    Recently, we brought together 60 CIOs and IT leaders from the Fortune 1000 for our bi-annual "CIO Technology Business Management Council" meeting. The purpose of this event was to provide participants with an opportunity to learn from their peers about how to transform their IT organization into a services oriented organization and run "IT like a business."

    Written by Sunny Gupta09 Feb. 11 07:10
  • Google exec freed from Egyptian custody

    Google executive Wael Ghonim has been released from government custody in Egypt today, and he's already tweeted about his freedom.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin08 Feb. 11 06:55
  • IT execs hope iPad, PlayBook can boost decision-making process

    Tablets like Apple's iPad and the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook will change and improve the way corporate employees work and make decisions, contend IT executives at Chevron and TD Bank. Both companies are evaluating and running trials on such devices.

    Written by Matt Hamblen03 Feb. 11 05:57
  • CompTIA creates council to address decline of women in IT

    To address a rapidly dwindling number of women in IT, the CompTIA Educational Foundation last week created the Women in Information Technology Council and charged it with convincing those with the right knowledge and skills to make IT their career of choice.

    Written by Matt Hamblen03 Feb. 11 09:17