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  • CIO Insights: IT offshoring/outsourcing – how much is too much?

    We talk to three leading Australian technologists on how much is too much when it comes to IT offshoring or outsourcing, and when to put your foot down and keep the IT functions in-house that will allow you to do your job well.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett17 Sept. 13 09:00
  • New Onshore IT Outsourcing Centers Outnumber New Offshore Locations

    IT outsourcing providers that set up new delivery centers in the first quarter of this year were more likely to do so at an onshore location than in offshore ones, according to a recent report. However, both location options continue to grow in terms of headcount and scope of processes.

    Written by Stephanie Overby26 July 13 12:59
  • The pros and cons of IT offshoring

    Keep the work local and spend the extra money or send it overseas and get near the same value at a lower price? For many budget-conscious CIOs, the latter makes sense. But that doesn’t mean offshoring isn't a panacea for cost-constrained IT department; it can involve risks and potential long-term downfalls when it comes to business agility and innovation.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett08 April 13 14:42
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