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  • 7 tech trends that will impact your business in 2013

    What's in store for 2013? IT professionals need to be prepared for a mix of old (biometrics), new (3-D printing), borrowed (apps for watching TV) and blue (unemployed skeuomorphic designers).

    Written by John Brandon18 Dec. 12 11:03
  • iPhones Chipping Away at BlackBerry Enterprise Stronghold

    iPhones will beat out BlackBerries in the enterprise this year, IDC says, thanks in part to the "Bring Your Own Device" trend. But judging from your corporate-issued BlackBerry sitting idle in your desk drawer, has it happened already?

    Written by Tom Kaneshige30 Nov. 12 01:29
  • 2013 prediction: BYOD on the decline?

    BYOD cost savings and greater worker productivity are myths, says one researcher. BYOD will get a reality check in 2013.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige13 Nov. 12 19:39
  • Can BYOD bury the hatchet between IT and business?

    BYOD can wreak havoc on the tenuous relationship between IT and the business. But networking giant Cisco, which has a sophisticated bring-your-own device (BYOD) plan for employees, is hoping more reasonable BYOD policies that permit personal cloud services will help bridge the gap.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige & Byron Connolly19 Nov. 12 11:20
Features about IT Organization | Consumer IT
  • BYOD planning and costs: Everything you need to know

    Bring Your Own Device programs promise to remove the cost of smartphones from a company's balance sheet. But most companies transitioning from company-issued smartphones to BYOD aren't even breaking even.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige13 Dec. 12 20:05