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  • Sharpen your savvy: 5 steps to navigating organisational politics

    Organisational politics are a reality and we can either take the approach of burying our heads in the sand and pretend they don’t exist or recognise that political savvy is an essential skill for all levels of an IT organisation.

    Written by Lou Markstrom06 June 17 09:51
  • ​The value of retaining IT infrastructure skills in Australia

    In the headlong rush to outsource IT infrastructure skills to the cloud or offshore to other countries with cheaper labour costs, we’ve witnessed a rapid decrease in these skills across Australia in recent years — and that’s not positive for businesses or IT professionals.

    Written by Paddy McDermott28 Feb. 17 14:20
  • You're out of touch! IT decision-makers tell c-suite

    Nine out of ten IT decision makers thought their organisation would perform better if their current c-suite were more tech-savvy, a ​​Wakefield research report commissioned by Juniper​ Network​s revealed.

    Written by George Nott11 July 16 12:13
  • ​Salary the top reason technologists quit jobs

    A good salary was the top reason why IT workers worldwide would change jobs in 2015 and 38 per cent of Australian technologists planned to leave their employer in the next year.

    Written by Byron Connolly13 Nov. 15 11:31
  • Developing your 21st century workforce

    Technology chiefs need to build a strategy for talent management that helps their people and teams meet the new demands that are being placed on IT.

    Written by Lou Markstrom25 Aug. 15 13:23
  • Under the pump IT workers want more money: Hudson

    As the pressure to do more with less increases, Australian IT workers are taking on more responsibility in their jobs with almost half indicating they want a pay rise from their employer, according to Hudson’s ICT Salary & Employment Insights 2013 survey.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett01 Feb. 13 11:30
  • More IT Pros Going Independent by Choice

    With the erosion of mutually beneficial employer/-employee relationships, more IT workers are going it alone, based on a recent survey from OnForce.

    Written by Rich Hein03 Dec. 12 14:23
  • Pictures: Brisbane CIO Summit speakers

    The CIO Summit is a unique opportunity for CIOs and IT professionals to acquire knowledge and insight from industry pundits as well as real–world experience on a variety of important topics concerning IT.

    Written by CIO Staff10 Nov. 11 10:06
  • 10 top iPhone apps for IT pros

    While the frivolous iPhone apps usually get most of the media attention (yes, there really are over 175 apps that can produce rude bodily noises), there are quite a few apps that can help you do your job as an IT worker. While less notorious, they are worth your time to download and check out.

    Written by David Strom12 Dec. 09 05:59