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  • With thick skin, Google CIO finds job rewarding

    When Ben Fried left his post as IT managing director at Morgan Stanley and took over as Google's CIO in May 2008, he knew what he was getting into: supporting a user base full of technology experts and computer industry stars, like co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, CEO Eric Schmidt and Vice President Vint Cerf. In a recent interview with IDG News Service, Fried spoke candidly about his job and shared tips and advice for fellow CIOs, including the urgent need for tablet device strategies. An edited transcript of the interview follows.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez14 Jan. 11 05:25
  • Five Advantages of Unified Information Access (UIA)

    The first wave of enterprise search helped companies tap into the world of text+, sometimes referred to as "unstructured" or "semi-structured" information. Primary drivers included the need to monetize digital content, reduce risk through compliance, or increase employee, customer and partner productivity. These early implementations provided significant value and solved important problems; they also demonstrated limitations that have lead to demand for the next generation -- Unified Information Access (UIA).

    Written by Sid Probstein09 Aug. 10 05:12
  • Bringing IT and the Business Together

    Funny thing about the word "and." You would think it would function as a connector, a word that implies the togetherness of two entities, like "stars and stripes" or "franks and beans." Yet the phrase "IT and the business" does not work that way. Rather, it connotes separateness and difference, creating an "us and them" perception that belies the actual embedded condition of IT.

    Written by Martha Heller22 July 10 23:48
  • How to Make Time for Strategy

    Last week I asked a CIO roundtable which elements of the CIO Paradox they found most challenging. One item that showed up on every CIO's top-three list was "You were hired to be strategic, but you are forced to spend most of your time on operational issues." I spoke to five of the Council's most strategy-minded CIOs about how they managed to get out of the operational morass.

    Written by Martha Heller23 April 10 04:46
  • BI's Dirty Secret: Better Tools No Match for Bad Strategy

    The pressure on CIOs to deliver business intelligence tools and analytic applications--on the cheap and ASAP--has been building steadily for years. In 2010, survey results point out that that demand has reached a fever pitch with which CIOs are very familiar.

    Written by Thomas Wailgum02 Feb. 10 06:45
  • Think Tank: Gaining traction for your IT strategy

    Developing an IT strategy that is understood and accepted by the business and IT practitioners is a major challenge for many businesses. Here’s how to plan an effective IT strategy and engage stakeholders.

    Written by Hemant Kogekar09 June 09 11:29
  • Economy puts IT into penny-pinching mode

    With the economy struggling and financial markets in a state of chaos, this is becoming a hard time to be an IT manager.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau28 Oct. 08 07:27
  • US innovation: On the skids

    It would be hard to exaggerate the angst that has gripped the US in recent months as the election nears, markets churn and assets melt. But the headlines that have made us dread picking up the newspaper mask a long-term problem that may shape the future of America more than John McCain's plan for Iraq, Barack Obama's health care ideas or Uncle Sam's heroic efforts to rescue the economy.

    Written by Gary Anthes23 Oct. 08 09:35
  • Dear Mr. President: Let's talk tech

    Science and technology may not have been the focus of the recent debates between presidential hopefuls John McCain and Barack Obama, but both candidates have outlined some broad policy proposals and goals. That's a good thing, because, as some of the top technology thinkers in the United States today recently shared with Computerworld, the next president will have to tackle the country's ongoing decline in global technological competitiveness.

    Written by Gary Anthes23 Oct. 08 08:39