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  • Airline hopes gamification can make its Oracle ERP users soar

    Canadian airline WestJet believes gamification, the notion of applying elements of game design to a workplace setting, can help its employees use more effectively its Oracle J.D. Edwards ERP (enterprise resource planning) system.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus10 April 14 04:19
  • Wendy's makes its Oracle ERP upgrade quick and tasty

    It's not uncommon for ERP projects to take longer and cost more money than initially planned, but neither outcome ended up being on the menu for fast-food giant Wendy's recent Oracle E-Business Suite upgrade.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus09 April 14 06:53
  • Oracle reverses decline in hardware revenue during Q3

    Oracle's third-quarter revenue rose 4 percent to US$9.3 billion while net income increased 2 percent to $2.6 billion, buoyed by growth in new software licenses and cloud subscriptions as well as a long-anticipated rise in hardware product revenue.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus18 March 14 20:44
  • 6 IT Strategies to Stay Ahead of Data Center Trends

    Automation, virtualization, cloud computing -- these technology trends are transforming the data center and enabling companies to lower costs, increase flexibility and improve reliability. However, these shifts require IT, and their outsourcing providers, to rethink traditional strategies.

    Written by Stephanie Overby07 March 14 14:52
  • Strategise to succeed

    Have you ever worked in an organisation that doesn’t have an IT strategy? I have and it was messy. The IT team spent huge amounts of time and effort identifying what the plans were and how they aligned with the business.

    Written by Fi Slaven21 Feb. 14 09:45
  • Study: Companies that go all-in with SaaS can save big

    Companies that move the bulk of their IT operations to Cloud services can end up realising significant overall cost savings, according to a study by analyst firm, Computer Economics.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus20 Feb. 14 20:31
  • Oracle merging its marketing software into a tighter-knit suite

    After spending billions to acquire a series of marketing-related software companies, Oracle is now undergoing the process of creating a unified suite it can take to battle against competing offerings from the likes of and Microsoft.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus19 Feb. 14 13:00