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  • CIOs don't like dealing with personnel and skills issues

    Managing IT staff and their skills is a key part of a CIO's role, but that doesn’t mean they enjoy doing it. Gartner's latest survey reveals this is one of the top “hates” for CIOs in their job.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett07 Oct. 15 11:23
  • Federal CIOs Fret Over Budget Pressures, IT Talent and Cybersecurity

    TechAmerica's annual survey of federal CIOs reveals anxieties over chronic fiscal constraints and lack of budget authority. But there's more: Add security threats and challenges of recruiting and retaining top talent to the list of CIO concerns.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin02 May 13 20:02
Features about IT talent
  • 8 Tips for Retaining Top IT Talent

    How do you retain top IT talent in a competitive market? Is it money? Flexibility? Something else? IT recruiters and executives share their top eight suggestions for how you can keep developers, engineers and IT staff happy.

    Written by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff01 May 13 13:55