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  • Java 8 release delayed until next year

    The new version of standard Java was due this September, but the need for more work on security issues and Project Lambda have pushed the release date back to the first quarter of 2014

    Written by Paul Krill18 April 13 18:35
  • Oracle releases Java patch update

    The February patch was offered today -- ahead of schedule -- and contains fixes for 50 vulnerabilities

    Written by Paul Krill01 Feb. 13 23:44
  • Vert.x app framework properties siezed by VMware

    Project leader Tim Fox left VMware for Red Hat and was told to hand over administrative rights associated with the technology; the companies are discussing a solution to the impasse

    Written by Paul Krill09 Jan. 13 21:57
  • Boosted by Android, Java remains most popular language

    Although slipping slightly in usage from a year ago, Java has still held steady as the most popular programming language in Tiobe Software's monthly index on which languages are holding the most traction with developers.

    Written by Paul Krill09 Nov. 11 11:46
  • Oracle reveals open source JavaFX plans

    Oracle's open source plans for the JavaFX rich Internet application platform call for transparency and replacing any closed code with open code, an Oracle official said recently on a Java OpenJDK mailing list.

    Written by Paul Krill04 Nov. 11 06:49
  • Survey: Java losing popularity among developers

    Despite the recent release of a major upgrade to the platform, Java is losing popularity based on the latest monthly assessment of programming languages by Tiobe Software.

    Written by Paul Krill11 Oct. 11 09:52
  • Review: 4 Java clouds face off

    At the movies, almost every thriller seems to include a moment when a character says, "That was easy ... a bit too easy." Then everything falls apart.

    Written by Peter Wayner05 Oct. 11 21:18
  • Oracle shows JavaFX on iOS and Android

    Oracle on Tuesday showed JavaFX rich client software running on both an Apple iPad and a Google Android-based Samsung Galaxy tablet, along with introducing a separate project using HTML5 to bring Java to Apple's iOS platform, called Project Avatar.

    Written by Paul Krill05 Oct. 11 08:32
  • Oracle releases JavaFX 2.0, shares plans for Java 9

    Oracle kicked off the JavaOne conference yesterday by shedding light on upcoming editions of Java and unveiling JavaFX 2.0, a new release of Oracle's platform for building rich client applications. The Java upgrades -- Java 8 and Java 9 -- promise improved support for multicore processing and big data, while JavaFX 2.0 tightens the focus on enterprise Java developers and data-driven business applications.

    Written by Paul Krill05 Oct. 11 01:36
  • JavaOne celebrates the success of enterprise Java

    Enterprise Java may not be as trendy these days as social networking, HTML5, or mobile computing, but it remains a mainstay in IT and will receive plenty of attention at this week's annual signature conference devoted to the now-16-year-old Java platform.

    Written by Paul Krill03 Oct. 11 21:11