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  • Red Hat Extends JBoss with Open Source BPM

    Red Hat is extending JBoss up the middleware stack with a new business process management suite that gives organizations advanced decision and process automation capabilities.

    Written by Thor Olavsrud04 March 14 23:04
  • Red Hat overhauls JBoss portal interface

    Red Hat has released version 5.0 of its portal software, the JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform, the company announced Thursday at its Red Hat Summit in Boston.

    Written by Joab Jackson25 June 10 06:56
  • CA brings SOA security to open source JBoss

    CA has announced its SiteMinder and SOA Security Manager products are now available for the open source JBoss middleware platform.

    Written by Rodney Gedda09 Feb. 10 10:08
Features about jboss
  • 6 Reasons to Pay for Open Source Software

    Open source software is free to download, modify and use, but that doesn't mean it's not worth paying for sometimes. If you're using open source software in a commercial, enterprise capacity, here are six reasons why you should pay for free software.

    Written by Paul Rubens13 Feb. 13 22:00