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  • How to network: 7 ways to give, not just receive

    One of the reasons you may not like to network is because, in asking others for help with a job search, you feel you're imposing on your contacts (and their contacts). But viewing networking as an imposition demonstrates several common misconceptions about the practice: that only one person benefits from the exchange; that job seekers have nothing to give to the people with whom they're networking; and that the people being contacted don't want to meet or see the job seeker.

    Written by Meridith Levinson27 Oct. 10 06:15
Features about job seeker
  • How to Revive a Stalled Job Search

    Have you been looking for a job longer than you'd care to say? Well, maybe it's time you changed up your game plan. Here are some tips to help you form a new career strategy.

    Written by Rich Hein09 Jan. 13 14:47
  • Cloud, Virtualization Gurus: What Title Is Right?

    IT people with skills and experience in server virtualization, cloud computing or both have a far greater chance of getting and keeping jobs than most other IT people now, according to recruiters and analysts. But what do you call these gurus?

    Written by Kevin Fogarty27 Jan. 10 04:12
  • Six personal branding mistakes that can threaten a job search

    In their haste to differentiate themselves during the worst job market in decades, job seekers are making personal branding mistakes that can undermine their job search efforts. Here are six things that you should never do.

    Written by Meridith Levinson14 Jan. 10 10:40