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  • IT consultants still in demand in June: SEEK

    The growing rate of unemployment in Australia may be stabilising, according to the findings of the latest SEEK Employment Index (SEI).

    Written by CIO Staff15 July 09 11:05
  • IT job seekers: Can you answer 12 gotcha questions?

    There's a dozen interview questions that fluster IT job seekers at all career levels. Give a surprised or weak answer to any of them, and red flags fly. Hiring managers may conclude that a candidate is ill-prepared, and thus the job seeker can look forward to more months of firing off résumés in the worst job market in years.

    Written by Meridith Levinson15 July 09 03:57
  • How to stop e-mail from ruining your holiday

    Does your holiday checklist include sifting through hundreds of e-mails the day before you return to the office? Will your BlackBerry be as essential as your swimsuit? Do you fear your "staycation" will turn into writing e-mails each day?

    Written by Luis Suarez15 July 09 05:54
  • Job seekers: get ready for the 'character' interview

    As laid-off executives flood the labor pool, some employers are seizing the opportunity to "upgrade" their management teams, say executive recruiters. In this job market, employers realize they might be able to recruit more experienced leaders -- possibly at lower salaries -- now than in the past.

    Written by Meridith Levinson26 June 09 07:07
  • ACS: NSW budget lacks ICT jobs incentives

    Australian Computer Society (ACS) has scolded the NSW government, criticising its recent budget for a lack of incentives to attract ICT investment in NSW as a means of creating jobs and improving the economic prosperity for the state.

    Written by CIO Staff24 June 09 08:34