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  • Healthcare Industry Sees Big Data As More Than a Bandage

    The promise of big data in healthcare--increased efficiencies, better outcomes, more personalized care--is undeniable. How the industry reaches the promise land will happen in many stages, but hospitals and insurers aren't wasting any time getting started.

    Written by Allen Bernard05 Aug. 13 14:47
  • The Secret to Forging Valuable Partnerships

    When everyone is touting the value of partnerships, how do top CIOs distinguish a true strategic partnership from the many service provider, supplier and competitor arrangements?

    Written by Madeline Weiss and June Drewry01 Nov. 11 09:14
  • Kaiser Permanente: Slashes data center power by 7.2 million kilowatt-hours

    A tag-team effort by Kaiser Permanente's data center IT and facilities groups delivered a one-two punch to energy consumption in the company's three data centers this year, cutting an eye-popping 7.2 million kilowatt-hours of power from overall data center operations -- and over $770,000 from power budgets. "We are one of the few companies that have the data center facilities team as part of IT," says Steve Press, executive director of data center facilities services, who credits collaboration for the results.

    Written by Robert L. Mitchell25 Oct. 11 03:13