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  • Mobile Malware and Cyber Warfare

    Security analysts have been predicting the emergence of mobile malware for many years.
    In 2011, the criminals have finally come through by attacking Google's popular Android
    OS. Meanwhile, the sophistication of Stuxnet — anasty piece of code that infected a nuclear power
    facility — has alarmed researchers who believegovernments are stockpiling tools for cyberwar.
    Looking ahead, it seems a cataclysmic Cloud failure is just around the corner.

    Written by CSO staff14 June 11 20:38
  • Latest Kaspersky mobile software wipes data via SMS

    Kaspersky Lab's latest mobile security software due to be released next week can wipe data with a text message command even if a thief has swapped out the phone's SIM card.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk28 May 09 07:56