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  • Why you're not investing enough in IT security

    The minute you outsource responsibility or governance of information security to a third party, you tie a noose around your neck and hand the end of the rope to a vendor.​

    Written by Rodney Byfield13 Jan. 17 11:49
  • ​Breach notification legislation: Friend or foe?

    The Australian government has announced the delay of its decision on mandating the data breach notification scheme. Does this mean we, as Australian consumers and citizens, are sitting ducks?

    Written by Nick Race24 Nov. 15 16:26
  • ​Kmart suffers privacy breach

    Retailer, Kmart Australia has asked the Australian Federal Police to investigate a security breach of its customer online product order system on Tuesday.

    Written by Byron Connolly01 Oct. 15 14:44
  • Kmart to replace LAN with Ethernet switches

    Kmart Australia will replace its local area network infrastructure with Ethernet switches, with the project set to support some 180 stores across Australia and New Zealand.

    Written by Lisa Banks07 Dec. 11 09:52