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  • It's a road show for the guys behind PAX East's big, big LAN party

    Among the many other exciting diversions for those of a nerdy bent at the PAX East 2015 gaming convention in Boston this past weekend, there was a LAN party. And as you might expect, it wasn't your average hastily erected LAN, with computers situated around a couple cheap consumer switches nestled between boxes of pizza.

    Written by Jon Gold10 March 15 06:55
  • Microsoft asks US court to ban Kyocera's Android phones

    Microsoft has asked a court in Seattle to ban Kyocera's DuraForce, Hydro and Brigadier lines of cellular phones in the U.S., alleging that they infringed seven Microsoft patents.

    Written by John Ribeiro09 March 15 16:19
  • Top EU court says printers can be taxed to compensate rights holders

    Europe’s top court ruled Thursday that it is legal for countries to impose a levy on printer manufacturers such as Canon, Epson, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, Kyocera and Xerox in order to compensate rights holders for unauthorised reproduction of their work.

    Written by Jennifer Baker27 June 13 13:39
  • Kyocera Echo: Phone that wants to be a tablet

    The Kyocera Echo on Sprint ($200 with a two-year contract) is the first dual screen Android smartphone to hit the United States. With a design reminiscent of the Nintendo DS, the Echo seems to make a better tablet than a phone.

    Written by Armando Rodriguez14 April 11 10:48
  • Images and video of the "first dual-touchscreen smartphone"

    When you think of cutting-edge smartphones, "Kyocera" most likely isn't one of the first company names that come to mind. But that could soon change if today's unveiling of the Kyocera Echo, the world's first smartphone with two touch screen displays, at least according to Sprint, is any indicator of things to come.

    Written by Al Sacco09 Feb. 11 03:15
  • Kyocera sells India R&D subsidiary to MindTree

    Kyocera Wireless is selling off its Indian development subsidiary to an Indian services company, MindTree, which will take over development and design work for Kyocera.

    Written by John Ribeiro30 Sept. 09 06:05